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You can help us plant millions of acres of the 'Empress Splendor Tree', by Adopting "The Tree" at Socio Economic Developement and Planning (SEDAP)...

  • You can adopt a Tree for as little as twenty four (24) dollars.
  • Should you adopt an 'Empress Splendor Tree' from SEDAP for one hundred (100) dollars, you will be extended an 84.375% discount off the SEDAP Grant Rebate Club's, Annual Membership, for five years. 
  • This means that your Membership is: 
    • (15.625% X 640 = 100) dollars annually.
  • A total saving

Tree Adoption, Membership and Grant/Rebate

 Example of Total Annual Expenditure        5,000

  • SGRC Membership                            650
    • Annual Membership Savings     540
    • Annual Membership                    100  (Tree  Adoption) 
    • Your Annual Donation is 10% of your Annual Expenditure         5,000 *10%
  • Total Annual Expenditure Donation                                                     500 

Grant Rebate                                                                        5,000