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A Tree Hugger? It's like a 'LOBE' in the "Lung of OUR Planet" 
CO2 + Photosynthesis = C + O2 


  • In spite of your current Financial needs?
  • In spite of all the money one will give to you today or put back in your pocket tomorrow... 
  • If we do nothing to stem the current trend of climate change because of "Global Warming", your plans,in this life, will be futile ...and waste.

Adopt an "Empress Splendor Tree" today . 

Can you do more? 

Help us to plant an acre or more of the "World's Fastest Growing Tree".

Come Work With Us

You will make a difference.

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Expenditure Rebate

Today, in the marketplace

  • When a product is purchase, one pays for the goods with a form of exchange: Like 'The Dollars, The Pound, The Euro' etc.
  • The end result is...       
    • Money Spent  =  Money Gone.
    • There is no safety net for the consumer,                            
  • Once the consumer consumes or, eats the loaf of bread or any product one purchases... 
  • IT STILL Remains "Money spent =  MONEY GONE". 
  • There is no recourse or Safety Net to redeeming one,s expenditure... 

That is until now!

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Adopt an Empress Splendor Tree

  • The adopt An Empress Splendor Tree promotion, brings into the marketplace..., 

A new way of doing business. 

  • Truly, it is like casting your bread on waters and receiving your reward  96 to 120 months later... 
  • It is not a long time waiting to benefit from the adopt an Empress Splendor Tree promotion Program.
  •  Your will start to count down to your Grant/Rebate benefits as soon as you become a member of SEDAPGRC and make a donation to SEDAP.

How Does This WorK?

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Energy Rebates

  • Did you know that with the SEDAP Grant Rebate Club Membership, you can recupe up to 100% of your Annual Expenditure, including your energy cost?

This is not a subsidy.

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Gift Card Rebate

  • Make your purchases using a gift card to track your expenditures.

Take the time to gift clean air by adopting an Empress Splendor Tree;


Remember Jesus Christ is THE TREE of LIFE

Other Benefits


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