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A Tree Hugger? It's like a 'LOBE' in the "Lung of OUR Planet" 
CO2 + Photosynthesis = C + O2 


  • In spite of your current Financial needs?
  • In spite of all the money one will give to you today or put back in your pocket tomorrow... 
  • If we do nothing to stem the current trend of climate change because of "Global Warming", your plans, in this life, will be futile ...and a waste.

Adopt an "Empress Splendor Tree", today. 

Can you do more? 

Help us to plant an acre or more of the "World's Fastest Growing Tree".

Come Work With Us

You will make a difference.


Expenditure Rebate

Today, in the marketplace

  • When a product is purchased, one pays for the goods with a form of exchange: Like 'The Dollars, The Pound, The Euro' etc.
  • The end result is...       
    • Money Spent  =  Money Gone.
    • There is no safety net for the consumer,                            
  • Once the consumer consumes or, eats the loaf of bread or any product one purchases... 
  • IT STILL Remains "Money spent =  MONEY GONE". 
  • There is no recourse or Safety Net to redeeming one,s expenditure... 

That is until now!


Adopt an Empress Splendor Tree

  • The adopt An Empress Splendor Tree Promotion brings into the marketplace; A new way of doing business. 
  • It's like casting your bread on waters and receiving your reward  96 to 120 months later... 
  • It is not a long time to wait to see the benefit from the adopt an Empress Splendor Tree promotion Program. It commences an effective cleaning of the air within three months of planting.
  •  You will start your count down to your Grant/Rebate benefits as soon as you become a member by adopting an Empress Splendor Tree, now.

How Does This  Work?


Energy Rebates

  • Did you know that with the SEDAP Grant Rebate Club Members' donation, you can recoupe up to 100% of your Annual Expenditure, lost savings or, your expended energy cost?

This is not a subsidy.


Gift Card Rebate

  • Make your purchases using a gift card to track your expenditures.

Take the time to gift clean air by adopting an Empress Splendor Tree;


Remember ask us, Who is THE TREE of LIFE?