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SEDAP Grant Rebate Proprietorship

W.O.T.  Infringement

Cancer_ Could it be caused from the water you are drinking?

When you make a 10% donation of a product or service you have purchased, weekly, monthly or annually, worldwide; to SEDAP... that donation does not only provide a tax benefit to you and your organization: you are are contributing to an environment clean up! You have opened the door to an opportunity to invest in a brighter tomorrow, to partner with SEDAP, through its Grant Rebate Program.

Your donation supports our drive and commitment to plant a billion acres of the worlds' fastest growing tree, and provide you with a Grant Rebate equal to your annual income or expenditure, year over year after eight (8) years up to ten (10) years, for as long as you donate to the program.

With a 10% donation if your annual income or expenditure; your Grant Rebate will be 100% of your income or expenditure, that which you have spent on the goods or service or that which you have given away: your Grant Rebate is ten times the "Donation" you have made to The SEDAP Empress Splendor, Tree Planting Program.

This how serious we are about "Cleaning up The Environment".

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  • Your 10 cent donation  =  SEDAP's 100 cent Grant Rebate

His Water - Living Water

Earths water is earthy and when tampered with...! It causes death and disease... 

Lets work to clean the environment, but:

here is the best best water that money cannot buy...  

Is Your Water Pure?