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Question and Answers

Answers to your Questions

  • What is SEDAP? 
    • SEDAP is a 501 (C) 3 non profit organization that is subject to the laws that govern charitable organizations.


  • Does SEDAP have board members?
    • SEDAP has officers for example a secretary, a treasurer and president.

  • Where/how does SEDAP get funding?
    • Funding is acquired from the sale of trees and lumber. Also, donations are procured from individuals  and organizations who are concerned about global warming and its effect on the planet.

  • Who can participate in the SEDAP project?
    • Everyone and every organization.


  • How will SEDAP impact global warming? 
    • SEDAP will impact global warming by planting Empress Splendor Trees around the world starting in the United States. 

  • How will SEDAP help individuals and various communities? 
    • SEDAP’s goal is to assist individuals and communities by giving financial assistance to improve their socio-economic infrastructure.


  • Why is SEDAP planting Empress Splendor Trees? 
    • The SEDAP project is positioned to combat global warming by planting Empress Splendor Trees to reduce carbon dioxide pollution and reduce the rate of global warming.

  • What is the Tree Adoption Program? 
    • Organizations or individuals are encouraged to adopt an Empress Splendor Tree(s).


  • Who do you collaborate with?
    • Landowners, homeowners, farmers, municipalities, communities, individuals and organizations.

  • How does the gift card work?
    • When you donate ten (10%) percent of your gift card  or purchases to plant Empress Splendor Trees, you will receive a grant/rebate that is ten times the amount donated, after ten years.

  • •What is the grant/rebate program?
    • A portion of your donation that is used to plant Empress Splendor Trees is returned to you as a grant/rebate after the matured tree is sold as lumber. The amount returned, is ten times the amount donated after 10 years

  • How can I participate in changing my community?
    • Become informed about climate change and global warming, search this site about tips to reduce your carbon footprint, donate,  or adopt an Empress Splendor Tree.

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