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 Socio Economic Development and Planning (SEDAP) is a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to plant Empress Trees, heal the environment, slow global warming, and provide economic opportunities on a global scale. 

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  The opportunity to collaborate with SEDAP will enhance any organization objectives while empowering individuals and communities to reduce the threat of global warming significantly. SEDAP believes that this endeavor will empower all communities to strengthen their infrastructure thus improving the quality of their lives.  

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 A significant reduction in greenhouse gases along with better utilization of raw materials will undoubtedly improve agricultural production, improve water conversation as well as restoring the damaged ecosystem. These are only some of the benefits that SEDAP will engineer which will undoubtedly improve the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.    

SEDAP Grants/Rebate Program



The SEDAP Grant Rebate Program is designed to support members who contribute to the SEDAP Tree Planting Program. 

Partner with SEDAP by donating and help us on a shared mission to restore our damaged environment. Adopt an Empress tree today. 

Come, work with us; come, make a difference.

Click HERE for facts on the EMPRESS SPLENDOR Tree and its benefits to the environment.  




This organization is committed to planting millions of acres of Empress trees which will directly remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while sequestering carbon dioxide into its trunks. 

Planting acres of the world’s fastest growing trees within the United States and on a global scale will have a net positive effect on the precipitating factors responsible for global warming. 

Click HERE for SEDAP/Grant Rebate Club. Memberships is exclusive to Contributing Members.

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Your passion, volunteerism, innovative ideas, collaboration, and sustained effort are vital to restoring our planet's ecosystem.